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The E-PEN includes selected articles from the Current PEN Section of the Peace and Environment News. This month's highlights:


The Peace and Environment Resource Centre (PERC) is one of Ottawa's longest-standing grassroots organizations. PERC produces the Peace and Environment News (PEN), available throughout the city on a bimonthly basis. The PEN is supported by donors and readers like you.
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The E-PEN is distributed via partner organizations' electronic communications. Please let us know if your group is willing to include the E-PEN or a link to it in your newsletter or on your site. 


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Volunteering Opportunities and Descriptions Interested in contributing to peace and environment initiatives within the Ottawa area? PERC provides numerous opportunities for volunteering! And if you're passionate about a particular topic or activity, contact us to discuss a self-directed project. Talk to Communications Coordinator, Holly Jones at or leave a message at 613 230 4590 to get started! 

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Make a difference in social and environmental justice in Ottawa

The Peace and Environment Resource Centre is looking for volunteers for PERC's Board of Directors. We are seeking individuals with time and talent to help keep PERC, one of the longest standing nonprofit organizations in Ottawa, going strong.

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PERC Mandate What is the PERC?


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