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Come spend time with PERC members, volunteers and other interested folks at the Annual General Meeting held next to PERC's office. Besides learning about PERC and seeing the space, you will have the chance to ask questions and give your input on issues raised at the meeting. Light refreshments will be served.


Here's where to find us: Tuesday May 30, 2017, 7 pm on the top floor, Logan-Vencta Hall, 174 First Avenue, Ottawa. But why should you take the time?


Learn about volunteering and see our space


If you would like to visit PERC and learn about volunteer openings, this is a good chance to come see our space without any pressure and learn about the organization in person to see if you feel you are a good fit. Finding new volunteers will be a focus for PERC this year, so the board is also planning to host several outreach events.


Perhaps a board role sounds good to you? You can apply to join the Board of Directors. PERC Board members help make key decisions, and also volunteer with focused PERC committees and programs.


If you are passionate for ecological and social justice and would bring enthusiasm and energy to PERC’s mission and programs, email and please join us at the AGM. For more information on board opportunities and responsibilities, please email us or leave a message at 613-230-4590 and a current board member will reply.


Meet the editor and co-editor!


Key people who help put the PEN together will be in attendance, including Margaret Jensen, the PEN's long-time editor, and Kathryn Norman, who is learning the ropes for a co-editor role at PERC. We will also share some info on upcoming PEN-related projects that will focus on “bringing the PEN off the page” into multimedia online. By the time of the AGM, we hope to have launched PERC's new website to help us better do just that.


Help make PERC's plans and themes for the year great


The board has approved a strategic plan for PERC's next several years. We will highlight it at the meeting and ask for your thoughts.


The PERC team, led by Kathryn, has also been preparing a more modern and effective online presence over the past few months. While the printed PEN will remain an important part of PERC programming, we know that more and more people are focused mainly on web media.


The board will discuss plans related to this need for an enhanced focus on the web. Input on how we can do better, online or in print, is always welcome, and the meeting is a great chance to do that.


As we continue PERC’s 30-year legacy of education, empowerment, and support for positive change, we look forward to growing for the better with you.


A big thank you to all the donors, volunteers, interns, partners, and supporters who help to make PERC what it is. Hope to see you at the AGM.


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Introducing Our New Look!  PERC has a new logo and simplified look! Watch for it in social media, the upcoming PEN issue and more!

The new logo was designed by designer Katharina Vivian, art director at Humber College, and was approved by the board in September.

The old logo served us well for many years but the clean lines of the new logo are simpler to recognize online and in print materials and clearly reflect the organization's commitment to both peace and environmental issues.

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E-PEN Highlights

Living Lightly


Presented by 


The E-PEN includes selected articles from the Current PEN Section of the Peace and Environment News. This month's highlights:


The Peace and Environment Resource Centre (PERC) is one of Ottawa's longest-standing grassroots organizations. PERC produces the Peace and Environment News (PEN), available throughout the city on a bimonthly basis. The PEN is supported by donors and readers like you.
Contact to find out how to become involved.
The E-PEN is distributed via partner organizations' electronic communications. Please let us know if your group is willing to include the E-PEN or a link to it in your newsletter or on your site. 
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Volunteering Opportunities and Descriptions Interested in contributing to peace and environment initiatives within the Ottawa area? PERC provides numerous opportunities for volunteering! And if you're passionate about a particular topic or activity, contact us to discuss a self-directed project. Talk to Communications Coordinator, Holly Jones at or leave a message at 613 230 4590 to get started! 

Priority areas                                                                                                                               

Other needs

Continuous Volunteer Needs


Other Skills/Areas of Interest                                                                                                                                                                


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Make a difference in social and environmental justice in Ottawa

The Peace and Environment Resource Centre is looking for volunteers for PERC's Board of Directors. We are seeking individuals with time and talent to help keep PERC, one of the longest standing nonprofit organizations in Ottawa, going strong.

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PERC Mandate What is the PERC?


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