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Ecology Ottawa has an excellent calendar of local eco-events.
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Volunteering Opportunities and Descriptions


Interested in contributing to peace and environment initiatives within the Ottawa area? PERC provides numerous opportunities for volunteering! And if you're passionate about a particular topic or activity, contact us to discuss a self-directed project. Talk to Communications Coordinator, Holly Jones at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or leave a message at 613 230 4590 to get started! 

Priority areas                                                                                                                               

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Priority Areas

Electronic Journalism

Description: Create or gather, edit, and submit multimedia or social media contributions such as podcasts, blogs, photos, videos, and/or written articles to the PERC website and/or E-PEN newsletter. (May be combined with Roving Reporters.)

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week 


Board Members

The Peace and Environment Resource Centre does an annual call for applications to participate on the Board of Directors.  Board Members must display a commitment to the mission and mandate of the PERC, be prepared to serve in a voluntary leadership capacity, and must be elected by the membership. Skills, experience, and interest we look for include financial and administrative experience, journalism and communications expertise and/or education, and event management and volunteer coordination interest.

Time committment: Approximately 5 hours per month for meetings, committees, and support.


Website Redesign and Maintenance

Description:  Assist with moving content from the PERC archives to the new site; help upload and configure embedded social media onto site.

Time Commitment: 3-10 hours a month


Writers & Photographers

Description:  Contribute articles and/or photos on environmental, peace, or social justice issues for the electronic newsletter or the print publication of the PEN (Peace & Environment News) Combine this with Roving Reporters: see below.

Time Commitment: 2-5 hours a month


Resource Librarian (virtual or on-site)


Virtual – Work with other local environmental groups to gather useful links and electronic resources on environmental issues to add to the online resource library. May optionally include contacting publishers of periodicals to enquire as to whether any of our “real” collections are online.

On-Site – Catalog new donations to the PERC “real” resource library; assist with evaluating current materials for relevance and/or researching whether any of our collections are duplicated elsewhere. This job requires someone who is detail-oriented and careful.

Time Commitment: 5-15 hours a month


Other Needs  



PERC Roving Reporters and Reps

Description: Go to various community events (river cleanups, tree plantings) to gather pictures, videos, interviews, etc for the PEN, E-PEN, and/or website.  This is also an opportunity to tell people about the PERC, ask people to sign up for the E-PEN, recruit volunteers, and distribute the PEN.

Time Commitment: varies, about 15 hours a month


PEN Distribution

Description: Bring packages of the Peace & Environment News to libraries, businesses, etc throughout the city for distribution. Research places willing to carry the PEN.

Time Commitment: a few hours every two months



Continuous Volunteer Needs


Booth Staffing

Description:  We always require volunteers to represent PERC at various events around the city.  This is an opportunity to engage citizens and talk to them about environmental and social justice issues in the city, and have them sign up for our E-PEN list.

Time Commitment: Usually one or more four hour shifts per event.  We generally staff about one-two events in a month. 




The PERC Website Committee is working on a complete site redesign to provide an enhanced online presence, with the aim of creating a web portal to environmental information in the National Capital Region. The site will include an online resource library.


The PEN is looking for members for two committees:

Editorial Committee: Assists with writing, editing, and planning for the PEN publications. Time Commitment: approx 12 hours/issue (bimonthly) – two meetings – editorial and editing so one meeting per month

Support Committee: Takes care of distribution, mailing, advertising, and publicity for the PEN Time Commitment: 5 hours per issue (bimonthly); varies



Other Skills/Areas of Interest


These are skills that may not be listed above, but that we generally will need help with at some point (though maybe not right away).  Let us know if you do have skills/interest in the areas listed below:

  • Data Entry                   
  • Administrative tasks     
  • Fundraising      
  • Illustration & Graphic design (please provide us with examples of your work)
  • Photography (let us know if you have professional experience)
  • Youth representatives
  • Research
  • Writing (newspaper articles, website articles, writing for reports)


We look forward to working with you!


Updated November 17th 2015

In this issue..

A Retrospective 50-Year Memory Tour of Western National Parks and Other Sites 1964 and 2014
by Paul and Marilyn Koch
In 1964, Paul and Marilyn Koch took a 10-week camping trip through National Parks and other locations in both Canada & the USA. The trip covered three Canadian Provinces and 33 US States. 
In September 2014, armed with photographs from the original trip, they took a retrospective journey in the reverse direction through the Western portion of the trip with the intent of photographing a number of locations and sites as closely as possible to the original photos. This document shows the comparative results. Month of the year--July vs. September--weather, and time of day, all had an impact on many of the pictures but overall with a few exceptions things looked much the same. 

Athabasca Glacier and the Columbia Icefields 

The shocking but not surprising change in the Athabasca Glacier was by far the largest and most meaningful change in natural systems seen on the trip. The first two pictures (shown here), taken from approximately the same location, exaggerate somewhat the distance by which the toe of the glacier has receded, since the toe is now obscured by the large gravel hill that has been exposed. The toe of the glacier in 1964 was at the edge of the lake to the right, close to where a parking lot for glacier access is now located. 
Athabasca Glacier as seen in 1964.
Athabasca Glacier as seen in 2014. Photos courtesy Paul and Marilyn Koch.
The following pictures (not shown) give a more detailed view of the glacier's loss. The bridge in the first picture is at the front of the parking lot as you start to hike to the glacier. About half way up the hill was a marker showing where the toe of the glacier was in 1982. 
In the second picture taken at the top of the hill, you can see that it is still a significant way to the glacier, which is partially hidden--about as far again as the distance back to the parking lot. The third picture shows the current toe of the glacier to the left and the gravel hill that partially hides the glacier to the right. 
Wikipedia indicates that the Athabasca Glacier has retreated approximately 1.5 kilometres in the last century and the rate of retreat has accelerated since 1995. 
The big question remains: How much of that change is due to the burning of fossil fuels and how much simply to natural causes? No one really knows, but it does speak to the need to cut our fossil fuel-based energy consumption in every way possible.
[PERC would like to extend a sincere "thank you" to Paul Koch for permission to publish this excerpt of his Memory Tour. This excerpt has been edited for length.] 

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