Here you can find the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe to the Peace & Environment News?


You can subscribe to the Peace & Environment News by following this link, or go to : https://pen-newsletter.beehiiv.com/subscribe

How can I donate to PERC?


There are many ways to donate to PERC. Find the method that works best for you here.

How is PERC setup and run?


PERC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, who are responsible for overseeing any senior staff. Staff are hired part-time according to funding availability and need. Usually, there is one paid staff person, the PERC Coordinator. They are responsible for coordinating temporary staff, students, volunteers, and interns, managing the office, coordinating writers for the PEN, representing PERC in meetings and at events, and generally answering email and making sure bills get paid. Senior staff are largely responsible for hiring any temporary staff or interns, with the support of the Board. Currently, PERC does not have an Executive Director, but one may be hired at some point. Volunteers run the gamut from writers who produce a single article and move on, to long-term newspaper columnists or other roles that persist over several years. Learn more here.

How does PERC work for peace?


The founding members of PERC were peace activists, and the PEN originated as the Ottawa Peace Calendar, to help activists coordinate their activities. Over time, an environmental focus was added, as well as recognition of how these issues interplay. In recent years, funding and community enthusiasm have been more focussed on environmental issues, but peace is still important to us, and we are trying to reconnect with old contacts and build new ones to help revitalize the local peace movement. We publish articles on peace related topics in the PEN, share events through our event calendar and social media networks, and offer the same support to individuals and groups looking to take action on peace issues as we do for environmental issues. Interested in working for peace? Learn more here.

Who gets to write for the PEN?


PERC volunteers, staff and volunteers at groups we partner with, members of the public, university students, and community members all contribute to the PEN. We encourage all interested parties to submit articles or article ideas to [email protected]. If you have an idea for an article, but aren't confident about your writing skills, no worries - we can work to support you as you develop your writing skills, or pair you with another volunteer who will handle the writing. 

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