About us

The Ottawa Peace and Environment Resource Centre (PERC) is an incorporated, registered charity. It is primarily a volunteer-run, grassroots organization with a Board of Directors to govern its operations. The PERC was founded in January, 1983, by a group of concerned Ottawa residents who wanted to take action on peace issues of the time. The first newspaper - then called the Ottawa Peace Resource Calendar - was published in November 1985, and the Peace & Environment News (PEN) produced today continues that tradition.

We focus on peace, social justice and environmental issues, with an emphasis on local activities.

Our main activities include:

  • Working with Ottawa area non-profits and place-based community groups through partnerships, web hosting, promotion, and cooperation towards a more peaceful, sustainable and socially just world.
  • Operating a resource centre with books, periodicals, and multimedia resources on environmental, peace, and social justice issues.
  • Facilitating “PERCshops” on various topics, often in partnership with other groups.
  • Acting as a network hub for people and organizations who want to find information and take action locally on issues that matter to them.
  • Distributing the PEN, an accessible alternative local quarterly publication that addresses topics of peace, environment and social justice.

Our publication, the Peace and Environment News (PEN) is distributed through the local library and community centre networks, as well as to various local businesses and gathering places by our team of volunteers. It is available for FREE in these locations. Members receive the PEN mailed directly to their homes and inboxes in exchange for their generous support. To subscribe to the PEN - or give a gift subscription, simply make a tax-deductible donation.


The PERC gratefully acknowledges the support of these many private and business donors, our partners, as well as the contributions of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ottawa Community Foundation.


Mailing Address: PERC, PO Box 4075, Station E, Ottawa ON, K1S 5B1

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